Description of the Geo Engine Contributor License Agreement

When an individual wishes to submit code to a Geo Engine open source project, they must first sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). This allows contributors to retain ownership of the submitted code, while the agreement grants Geo Engine the necessary rights to use that contribution. The CLA only needs to be signed once and applies to all Geo Engine projects.
For submissions to our project made by employees during their working hours, the CLA must be signed by their organization.

Quick links

External website (where contributors can read and sign the agreement):

How do I sign the CLA?

Once a pull request is made in a Geo Engine repository, our Continuous Integration checks to see if the contributing user has signed the CLA. It is then only necessary to follow the link and sign this electronically.

As an alternative to using the link, contributors or organizations are welcome to send the completed and signed form to

Why do we have a CLA in the first place?

Our CLA allows open source projects managed by Geo Engine to securely accept code and documentation from external contributors. This is how we ensure that external contributions can be used in a safe and scalable way.

What is the Basis of our CLA?

Our CLA is based on information from the site: